The Lighted Path
Connie Bedoya, the Everyday Mystic

Divine Channel, Meditation Guide,Psychic Medium,
Energy Worker, Spiritual Counselor

Hello and welcome

I am often asked,  'how did you  learn to channel', or receive any of the other gifts that I
have been given.

The answer is this:  meditation.  I was instructed in meditation by my spiritual teacher
many years ago.
The sole purpose of that meditation is to connect to the Divine.  No other purpose, period.  
We were asked to meditate 1 1/2 hours per day, if possible.  We were asked to do the best
that we could.  Always with the intention of making that Divine connection.

We were not seeking any special experiences, or side benefits.  Though, some    of these
would occur.  

What happened, slowly, over time, was that I became more attuned to the realms that exist
in addition to this earthly one.  With that sensitivity, I began to receive information directly
from my guides, Angels, and Higher Beings.  I now hear the Angels, Guides and Higher
Beings that accompany others and am able to allow those beings to speak through me.

I am very grateful for this ability to perhaps aid someone else on their souls' journey.

So, Meditation is really my primary focus.  
Everything else simply follows.

As a psychic medium and spiritual counselor, my goal is to assist you in shedding Divine
Light on the situation that you have on your mind.

I will access information from your own energy field,
your personal guides and angels, and
from Higher Beings that are always available to help us.

We often have issues about love, work, family, our life purpose, or specific questions on
which we would like to receive some clarity.

I would love the opportunity to assist you by accessing Divine Guidance and applying
many years of practical experience.

Please see
what others have to say about their experiences with me.

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by Connie Bedoya

Our Soul does not need a body to exist.  Our Soul exists throughout
all time and all space.  Even those words: 'all time and all space' are
so limited in describing what it is to exist without restriction as to
time and place.

When we make the choice to return to this earthly realm and take
human form, we accept the challenges and responsibilities of our
souls' evolution while being limited by the human body.  Most of us
do not bring our memories of past lives or other realms with us.  We
seem to 'start over'.  We think we have only one lifetime and that we
are limited to what occurs in this lifetime bound by the perceived
limitations of the body and the planet.

We are all souls seeking connection with the Divine

Because our soul knows who it is, the pull to be in
communion with our Divine Self generates a form of longing
Every deep longing we possess, however it is disguised, (sex,
drugs, and rock 'n roll)  is our soul longing to realize itself as
the Light and Love that IT IS.

The soul gradually and continually seeks its own

Depending on what experiences and circumstances we selected
before this birth, our karma, and our life choices this time around,
the path to that fulfillment will vary for each person.  Some of us
never identify that deep, mysterious longing to be what it is.  We feel
a void, regardless of our outer success, and assume that void can be
filled by outer experiences.

But, once we come to realize that the "place" to find the answer to
that longing is within ourselves, we are able to begin the journey to
fulfillment, or self-realization.  There have been those who have
spontaneously experienced Realization, but for most of us it is
necessary to engage in a practice, such as meditation, to find our
way to that Knowing.

Upon realizing and maintaining the Essence of that Knowing, true
peace may be attained, if only momentarily.  
It is in that awareness that we come to know what is real and what is
Peace is attained because we cease to struggle against perceived
We are able to return, again and again, to that place of Communion
with the Divine.  
The Divine within ourselves.  This is not a separate entity, but rather,
simply who we are, inseparable from who we are and All That Is.

This Knowledge is not realized merely by reading books or following
someone who appears to have the answers.  Books and other people
may provide clues, but only our own personal pursuit will bear the
fruit of the journey.

Meaning of Namaste:

“I honor the place in you
in which the entire
universe dwells. I honor
the place in you, which is
of love, of truth, of light
and of peace. When you
are in that place in you,
and I am in that place in
me, we are one.”