Meet Connie

I have the ability to receive information, both from the client and from spiritual sources, and help you
to determine a practical course of action, or to simply get a better understanding of a situation in
your life.    I am, by nature, an analytical thinker and my gift is to create order out of chaos.  This
ability has served me well throughout my career as a business woman managing multi-million dollar
organizations for over 30 years and in my own personal life.

I have been most fortunate to discover and expand my psychic abilities through the pursuit of
higher spiritual learning and experiences.  My deep desire to help others has led me to combine all
of my abilities and to use them whenever and where ever I may be.

Desiring to guide others to connect to their own inner knowing, and helping others to solve what
appear to be 'problems' in their daily life, I offer my years of experience and wisdom through the
Divine Connection.

As aTeacher/Student  of the Divine Light, I am led to teach what I have learned through study and
life experience about connecting with the Divine.   It is my great good fortune to study with a living
Master who guides souls to seek the Divine within.  This is the same teaching offered by the Christ,
the Buddha, as well as other great spiritual teachers.  I am led to teach others how to make this
Divine connection through meditation.

As a Psychic Medium, I channel the messages from your guides, angels, and ascended Masters.  

As a Trance Channel, I contact those who have passed from this realm and allow that spirit to speak
through me.  

I am a Divine Wisdom Channel for the healing Light of the Creator and serve as a healing facilitator
and Intuitive Healer.  Upon request, I will conduct a healing session wherein I assist the individual to
energize the healing process innate in all of us, allowing the mind-body-spirit to heal at all levels, as
needed.  Sessions also include Chakra balancing and Aura Cleansing.   I present workshops and
individual consultations as requested.

I follow the guidance which flows continuously from the Divine.  There is also One who walked this
earth and has since transitioned, known as "The One with No Name"  and the Council of Elders who
are constant and loyal guides offering advice and guidance.  

The following are some of the earthly teachers (and subjects) with whom I have studied:   Paramita
Path healing with Dr. Alba Ambert,  Reiki with Master/Teacher Susan Melchione, Reiki with Reiki
Master Maggie Jean Wahls, Quantum Touchtm  with Richard Austin,  EFT tm,  Bio-Touch tm,  and
shamanic studies with Shaman Elder Maggie Jean Wahls and Shaman Sonny Silverheels, Science
of the Soul with Maharaj Charan Singh Ji and Maharaj Gurindar Singh Ji.

I am an ordained Spiritual Minister.  I am also a trance channel, and I communicate with the
deceased, both humans and animals.  I am a registered metaphysician with the World Metaphysical

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Connie Bedoya, RM, WMA
the Everyday Mystic
Psychic, Divine Wisdom Channel,
Meditation Guide