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By email:  Messages and Conversations with your Angels and
This includes your initial email, and one follow up email.
Psychic energy reading:  Channeling spirit guides, angels,
ascended Masters (includes aura cleanse, chakra balance)
in person
Communicating with the deceased  **
** the decision to offer this service is on a case-by-case basis
House blessing or House Cleansing  (Assisting in creating a
harmonious living environment)
(within 20 miles)
House Clearing  (Clearing entities or psychic energy that is creating
a negative living environment)
(within 20 miles )
$150.00 minimum
Meditation classes and Healing Circles
No Charge-Donation accepted
Service offered on a case by case basis.  Please apply
Life Passage ceremonies
Donation accepted
Workshop facilitator

Messages and Conversations with your Angels and Guides  You may request to
receive a message from your angels and Guides and simply receive whatever information they wish to send you at that time.  Or, you
may send an initial email with a question, and  that question will be answered by your Angels and Guides.  You may follow up with
one additional email for clarification.  Payment is requested at the time of the initial email.  Every effort will be made to respond to
your email within 24 hours.
Note:  While it can be very powerful, energetically, to receive a reading in person, the Angels and Guides are not limited in any way
and can respond to your inquiry through email or any other method of inquiry.  

Meditation classes and Meditation/Healing Circles  This service will be provided, by request, with a minimum group of 6.  
(Donations only accepted.  No fee for this service)
(There are many types/styles of meditation and when I am teaching meditation, I like to emphasize that this wonderful practice need not be complicated nor burdensome to be part of one’s daily life.    I
conduct Meditation sessions designed for all levels of experience.  A Healing Circle allows the participants to focus the intention and energy toward healing an individual or even the planet.  The studies
by Masaru Emoto, among others, have shown the effect of focused energy on life forms.

Psychic energy reading, Channeling spirit guides, angels, ascended Masters    (I discern information about you
based on your own energy field and information I intuit and receive from Guides, Angels and Higher Beings)  I may also use other tools to refine information (such as oracle
cards, etc.)  
.  As a channel, I convey thoughts or energy from a source outside my body or conscious mind.  I receive information from spirit guides (mine and yours), angels and ascended Masters.
This information may be received in Trance or not.

Aura Cleansing and  Chakra balancing   (I channel the healing Light of Source to first cleanse your auric field and then provide a brief balancing
of the chakras.  I like to do both to help the individual feel more balanced.)

Mentoring  I will offer my experience and spiritual guidance, and that of your Guides and Angels, to assist you in your spiritual work.  This offering will be on a case by
case basis, as I am guided.  Should you wish to discuss this service, please contact me.  

Life Passage ceremonies  In addition to wedding ceremonies, I am available for creative and customized commitment services, services of union, renewal of vows, hand fastings,
funerals, memorial services, baby namings or welcomings, and other creative life passage ceremonies.

Workshop facilitator  I conduct workshops on many topics from Developing Psychic Ability, Energy Healing, and of particular interest, workshops for women.  Please watch the Calendar
for dates and topics.  I also accept requests on a topic of your choosing.

House blessing, House cleansing, and House Clearing   (A House blessing is an ancient tradition that invites positive energy into your home;  A House cleansing
is intended to remove any unwanted energy (usually perceived as feeling negative); and a House Clearing generally involves a much more in-depth removal of unwanted energy,  troublesome spirits, and
any other situations of concern to the inhabitants.)

Communicating with deceased* (people and animals)   *I use the term 'deceased' as it is the most commonly understood word for those souls who
have left the physical body. There is, in fact, no 'death'.  
When communicating with the deceased, I am a Trance Channel.  A trance channel is someone who allows themselves to go into a trance state condition to allow Spirit Beings
to come through for a spiritual purpose.    When I am in trance, I surrender myself, my personal thoughts are gone and I am in a peace like state.  I feel their energies as they
come through and allow that spirit to speak using my body.  An important note:  For me, channeling, or communicating with the deceased, is meant for healing purposes only.  
This is not for someone’s entertainment.  My experience has been that having the ability to sit with someone who is now in spirit, perhaps ask questions, allows for an element
of peace and healing to occur.  Note:  The decision to offer this service is on a case-by-case basis.

All services are available by appointment.  Contact me by text at (919) 606-4702 or email at or contact us.

Please see our Calendar page for dates, times, and details for all activities and events or contact me for a specific request
Below is a price list for all of my services. If you have any questions or comments pertaining to my pricing, you can contact me  and I’d be
more than happy to answer your inquiries.


Connie does not dispense  advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical or medical problems.  
A psychic reading should never be used instead of care by a physician or other health care provider.  Connie also does not
dispense legal advice.
Connie will not tell you how to live your life, as you live on a free will planet. Your relationship to God/Source is a very private
matter between you and God Source Energy as you see it. You are completely responsible for any decisions or actions you or
others make using information received from Connie.
The service being offered at this time is
Messages and Conversations with your Angels and Guides
by email only