Some history

We all have a personal journey and story to tell.  This is a little bit of mine, particularly as it pertains to my spiritual journey:

I was born in Tennessee but lived for many years in California, both in the Los Angeles area and in Redding, in Northern California.  My years in Southern
California would be considered the more 'traditional' period of my spiritual journey.  Upon moving to Northern California, opportunities presented themselves
which would lead me to explore and experience more non-traditional spiritual paths.  Studying and practicing meditation expanded my spiritual awareness and
opened my inner eyes.  What followed were the gifts of 'sight' of which I had been previously unaware.

I moved to North Carolina in the mid '90's.  I lived in a rural area northeast of Raleigh and had not had occasion to align with other like-minded individuals and
much of what I had learned, and was practicing, were done simply on a personal basis.  In what seemed a quite casual way,  I 'came out' as a psychic while card
reading and channeling for my sister and some of her friends.  (By 'coming out', I mean that I had previously only shared my talents with family and close
friends.)  That magical night provided the seed for what was to become a regular meeting for women that came to be called "girl's night out" or the "GNO".   

The Monthly Spiritual Meeting (GNO) is where we explored any and every esoteric subject of interest and learned and
practiced our spiritual and psychic skills.  While the focus was on personal growth and healing, it was a fun-loving, sometimes irreverent group that loves to
laugh.  While I no longer personally facilitate this group, the Circle (as it is now called) continues to meet monthly.

In the fall of 2007, I was given a personal vision that one day, I and a group of other Lightworkers, would build a large Center that would serve people in the
local community and the world as a place for alternative healing and the study of esoteric subjects.  The cosmic energies surrounding these mandates changed
and many of these centers did not materialize.

In January, 2008, The Lighted Path came into being when I began to hold workshops and other activities in a small rented space in Louisburg, NC.  In October,
2008 I purchased a small home to make more room for activities centered on living
in the Light.  Since that time, I have sought ways to be of service to others by offering whatever gifts and talents I may have.

In my experience, our personal transformation is the foundation for transformation of our world and the world around us.

Connie Bedoya