I am grateful to have Connie Bedoya in my life.  Besides being a talented healing facilitator, she is my Teacher, Mentor, and Friend.  I have attended many of her classes/workshops and
events.  On a personal note, she has channeled deceased friends & family members for me, which help lead to loving closures for each.  Other unique opportunities we shared was
when she channeled "Divine Wisdom" for me, and the information I received was what I needed each time.

Thank You Connie for being a Dear Blessing in My Life...

Diane, Louisburg, NC  

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Connie Bedoya and The Lighted Path.  My family and I have benefited from her support and gifts for many
years, and have been blessed with her guidance in many facets of our lives.
When my daughter was afraid to be left alone in her room for nap time, Connie came and cleansed the house.  She did not feel a presence that meant to
cause harm, but lovingly guided us in how to move forward with any concerns we may have.  My daughter didn't have problems in her room after
Connie's visit.

In addition to home cleansing, Connie has assisted me with a myriad of situations as I have navigated my own personal spiritual journey.  She has a
no-nonsense attitude about everything, and that filters into her spiritual practices.  She will not claim her services are needed if she does not sense an
issue the client can resolve him/herself.  When her gifts and knowledge are needed, she freely shares how she came to acquire such information,
when applicable, and will guide the client toward informing themselves whenever possible.
Her compassion, empathy, and life experience lends her an opportunity to relate to people from all walks of life, without judgment.

Speaking frankly, if you come to Connie to connect with a loved one that has passed on, do not expect it to be like something you have seen in the
movies or television.  If your loved one wants to tell you something that may be difficult to hear, Connie isn't going to edit that message.  You will
receive an unfiltered, raw, and completely authentic experience.

She is much loved by all who have been graced by her presence in their lives.

TL,  Louisburg NC
I have known Connie for many years and she is one of the most trusted practitioners that I know.  She is one of two channels that I trust 100%.  I would
never hesitate to recommend anyone to her for any of her sessions pertaining to her very clear, precise and effective sessions.  She is a true blessing
to this planet.  I wish there were more authentic healers and people just like her.

Jeff Cooper

Thanks Connie for the meaningful Meditation Circles and Metaphysical Programs, that I enjoyed for 4 years.
T. Moore, Henderson NC

Like many people, I  like to have a referral, or a review of a new product, service, company, or practitioner, whenever possible.  That is why I have placed
some here for your reference.  But, in the case of the work I do in my practice, I find that whatever benefit may be derived by the 'client', I also receive that
benefit.  The Divine Energy that is connecting, through me, to another, fills us both.  I am very grateful that any efforts I have made to share with others
has met with a beneficial experience for them.  Thank you for visiting this page.

I  personally can't imagine how my life would be now without my meeting Connie Bedoya.  It was an utter mess at 40 years old.  On the outside..it
seemed I had everything a person could want..money..jobs...family..friends..all the basics most seem to take for granted.  However..on the inside I was
slowly dying...and had been for many years.  I needed change and was willing to do everything and anything I could possibly do to make it happen...no
matter how silly or stupid my conditionings led me to believe it was.  Hence I was led to Connies Lighted Path circle.  The first 9 months was just
observing really...soaking it all in...discerning...letting go.  After that I really let my mind absorb it all and started actually practicing the meditations and
mantras...as well as doing lots of homework.  I met many kind people through Connies circle...all with their own unique gifts..all whom I call my friends

What makes Connie special to me??  You will not find Connie in an office filled with many degrees and diplomas hanging on an I Love Myself wall.  You
may find a kind caring knowledgeable person in many pantheons and systems with real life experience to supplement the above mentioned.  It still to
this day amazes me how Connie goes on to choose to help others...listen to their joys hopes fears and goals...while herself going through much of the
same thing. What I found with Connie...was and is...a compassionate human experience.  Good luck finding much of any of that in todays'
soceity...thank you for letting me share Connie...love you so much.

George Allison

Good morning, my name is Justin. We spoke Saturday afternoon at the event in Raleigh, NC.  I just wanted to tell you that my wife and I are still talking about the wonderful experience
we had.  Personally, I feel like a breath of fresh air has come over me since that day.  It truly feels inspiring to know that so many people spiritually are supporting me and the adventure
I have in this life.  Thank you so much for this experience.
Connie I wanted to thank you and Scott for coming over to the house. My wife and i both immediately felt better and everything has felt " balanced " ever since. Your services are very
appreciated and we are fortunate to have you in our lives. I hope only good things for you and your family.

Your friends,
The Johnson family